Friday, 6 June 2008

One night at the airport

Who wouldn't want a life without regret? Yet I never expect that 1 hour before my departure, I will be standing in front of the internet kiosk at the airport, penning down my sorry thoughts.

A friend has lost a family and at the time when he needed support and TLC, I will not be his angel.

Another friend is leaving home, to pursue his career in a foreign land. 18 years of friendship and I couldn't even be there to bid farewell.

At this time I wonder, do we always have to pay a price for what we love? While I am going to be fascinated by the land of Princes and Queens, I wish I could be here to share with my friends some of my blessings.

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*sheep said...


enjoy ur trip ya! Fierce boss looks ok. ^_^ cya soon!