Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Scotland, as beautifully as I can present it

It is so easy to lose track of time these days, not just because I am on vacation, but also the sun never seem to set before bed time. Apparently, the sun is also an early riser here, who has been up working before I am awake on the next day.

After 3 days in Scotland, I have fell deeply in love with the picturesque highland. The mountains and Loch (lake) are spectacular... every piece of this beauty is too good to be missed, every cloud is unique and every loch is dazzling.

Loch Gale. It is said that this is a wonder of nature. The Loch looks exactly like the map of Scotland.

Shoe told me it is a pity that a photograph cannot always capture the real beauty of a place. And it is true. For some beauty needs to be appreciated using more than just the naked eyes. How do I explain the sound in the wind at the top of the hill on Fairy Glen? How do I describe the roaring of the waves at Kilt Rocks? So I took a deep breath hoping to inhale all these beauty into me.

Fairy Glen. The high and low little "hills" are said to be caves where fairies lived in. Someone once found a fairy coin and made a wish which came true instantly. Believe it or not that's up to you. But if you made a wish, remember not to tell anyone or it will never come true.

Kilt Rocks. When the sun is at the right direction, the rocks resemble the pleats on the Scottish kilt. That's how those rocks got the name. Not quite obvious from here though.

And Isle of Skye is fabulously beautiful. This is Kyleakin where we stayed for the night.

Ruin castle built by the Vikings.

The bridge resembles 2 seagulls flying across the lake. How was the design derived? Maybe from a child's imagination.

We stood at the lake watching the seagulls. Almost got hit by one trying to capture this shot.

Scotland at random. Beautiful, isn't it?

*** Watch out for more upcoming posts about Scotland. Next up... the Loch Ness Monster!

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Daddy & Mummy said...

ooh.. Scotland! Beautiful place.. (almost wanted to ask if u tried the Haggis).. the Lochness video is so cute..hehe

Ling said...

Haggis... never try, no guts!