Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Going away.... I am on vacation!

Here I am again, ready to embark on what one author describes as "this lonely dance to uncomfortable rhythms". And yes indeed, time and again I have put up with a lot more than I usually can endure, simply to fulfil my dream of travelling the world.

As I was packing my bag yesterday night, I suddenly remembered why I hate travelling to places with winter climate. Frozen toothpaste, shampoo flowing out of the bottle in slow motion, broken skin, chipped lips, a nose ready to elope (running nose).... yet I am doing it again! All these for the sake of the highest lake on earth, to be nearer to the stars above, and for a peek of the tallest mountain... Mt Everest! Tibet, the roof of the world, I am coming to you!

In less than 5 hours, I will board a plane and head for Shanghai (before heading for Tibet). It is not for no reason that I am flying to Shanghai, which I will soon reveal. I love travelling on night flights not just because I could save on accomodation but also for the scenery that is too beautiful to be captured on photographs. Imagine, a moon that is bigger and clearer which you have never seen, stars so brightly lit that you would have thought god built street lamps in the sky. Tonight seems cloudy but when the plane rises above the thick layer of pink rain clouds, nothing could spoil the beauty and serenity of the night sky.

Pray for me that there will be good weather in Tibet. Everest, save your tear drops for another day... let there be only sun and clear blue skies, and I will be blown away... by the beautiful scenery of course and not the wind!

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