Sunday, 21 October 2007

Here I am in Lhasa, Tibet (Day 1)

Touched down in Tibet at 3pm today. The weather was great, bright and sunny, temperature 15dc.

At altitude of 3600m, I can't help but feeling dizzy. Despite the 红暻天 that I have dilligently consumed over the last couple of days, the altitude sickness seems to be hitting me now. But ok, I think my condition at this moment is still not too bad. Hope it won't get any worse.

As I flew into Tibet, I took some lovely pictures of the mountains. Isn't the view gorgeous?

The lake is turquoise and the mountains spectacular.

This Buddha painting was created in the 12 century originally. During the cultural revolution however, it was being destroyed. What we see here today has been restored 40 years ago, still bright and colour rich.

First glimpse of the Potala as my jeep drove us from the airport to our hotel. Tomorrow morning will be my excursion to the Potala and I have been warned, "rest well tonight, there are plenty of stairs to climb tomorrow".

Ok I shall go rest now. My fingers are starting to freeze inside this internet kiosk that is not heated. The weather in Lhasa really changes fast.

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日刀口 said...

beautiful.. e photo r soooo nice :)