Thursday, 18 October 2007

Hello Shanghai! (Day 1)

It's good to be back online. After struggling with Shoe's Mac for one whole night, I finally figured out how to resize photographs and surf the internet. I am sure glad that I have been practising my Mandarin lately. The Chinese language platform on blogspot does not intimidate me!

First day in Shanghai, I am Heaven's favourite child today.... there was good weather wherever I go which makes the photographs look extraordinay (from my point of view lah, I'm easily impressed).

The Bund (My impression of Shanghai Tang)

Oriental Pearl and Pudong View

Shoe and her sis brought me to a restaurant M on the Bund which offers stunning view of Oriental Pearl and Pudong. It is a western restaurant and the prices are reasonably expensive (Rmb 100 for a main course which was what I paid for my entire dinner for 2 later that evening). But for a chance to sit at the terrace and admire this fantastic views, I think it is worth it.

Someone ate rabbit stew!

New photography technique that Mr Heng taught me last weekend..... The picture is named: "The world passes by in front of my eyes" (SSR does this phrase sound familiar?)

After lunch, we went to the old French Concession. The main attraction of this place is the unique views of the back alley. And there are lots of cafes and bistros of a mixed Italian / French style. They seem ok but not enough to impress me to sit down for a cup of coffee.

Next stop, Xintiandi. Heard so much about it but turned out to be a disappointment. It is no more impressive than Lan Kwai Fong in Hong Kong, I think even Clarke Quay is better than this.

Look what I saw at Xintiandi!

I love buildings and towers if you had not yet realised. I have started on a collection of "Tall Buildings in the World" and I am happy with the way the collection is growing. This is Jin Mao Building, one of the 5 tallest buildings in the world. I am surprised with how this photo turned out, simply stunning! (it looks better in full view)

I hopped on to a river cruise on Huang Pu Jiang. For just Rmb70, this is a one hour cruise ride. Definitely worth while to try. Along the way, we saw Oriental Pearl Tower.

More of the river view and The Bund at night from on top of the cruise. So beautiful.... wished you were here.

Night scenery of Shanghai City from top of Oriental Pearl Tower (360m)

There is a sight seeing tunnel that connects The Bund and Oriental Pearl. It is a monorail ride with some laser light shows on while you cross the tunnel. Rmb35 for this short ride, which I thought is quite expensive though it saves you the walking. Alternatively, you can take a ferry which cost Rmb2 only to cross the river from Pudong to The Bund. The ferry is not bad at all.

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