Saturday, 20 October 2007

Shanghai Stadium (Day 3)

For a long time, I had a wish: to stand on the chair in a rock concert and dance and scream all night long. Today, I finally did it! In fact, I did more than that. I travelled 3,800km just to be at Shanghai Stadium tonight to attend Mayday's Jump concert and I was standing on the chair screaming for 3 hours straight!


A stadium that could accomodate 80,000 people. My hotel room has a view of the stadium... it wasn't planned ok, was a pleasant surprise for me as well.

阿信 during the rehearsal

I have never attended a concert that is staged outdoor and packed with so many people. It is amazing to hear the echo of 80,000 people humming familiar tunes from Mayday. Can you imagine for someone standing on the stage, what it would mean to see/hear all these?

It was a great evening though watching the concert for the second time is less exciting as compared to the first.

Tomorrow, I head for Lhasa where my real vacation begins.

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