Tuesday, 9 October 2007

New toy... Canon SLR

Well, well, I have finally decided that it is time to invest in a SLR. The sheer size of the camera has put me off for quite some time, not the mention the cost. But after looking at the photos taken from my new camera, I wish I had got it earlier.

Please allow me to present, my first shots on Canon 400D! Pardon me, I am still an amateur and exploring the various settings in the camera. As a matter of fact, I only read the instruction manual for 15 mins before I left home to take these photos. Therefore, they ain't that great but... what does it matter? Life is imperfect!

Esplanade river view

Fullerton Hotel


I feel silly carrying this huge camera around, taking photos while resting my camera on the road side railing (to minimise shaking). Many pros were around, shooting with a tripod. I have tried to act like a tourist as much as I can to avoid embarrasement.

Anyway, I am amazed at myself for the amount of effort I am willing to put in to get nicer photos from my upcoming trip. Oh, did I mention? I will be heading for Shanghai on 18 Oct and spending 14 days in China (thinking of going to the silkroad). However, I do not have an itinery yet for the 14 days... gosh! Have I gone crazy? No, I have not. I have in fact corresponded with some Chinese guy which I met online who has gone to silkroad before. He gave me some great tips and of course the best one is... "反正记住鼻子下面就是路. 多问就行了". Oh how true! My confidence has been boosted! I am excited!

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*sheep said...

the camera's cool! think the pictures are pretty sharp~