Wednesday, 24 October 2007

I think I saw Shangri-La (Tibet Day 3)

I cannot explain what kind of ordeal I went through yesterday night. On my 3rd day in Tibet, the altitude sickness hit me worst! Dizzy, drowsy, headache, vomit, fever, cold.... makes me wonder why I chose to come on this hardship tour. In a desperate attempt, I said a prayer, hoping that in this holy land (and after all I have visited quite some number of monastries and paid respect to the Buddha) someone up there will hear me and relief me of these sufferings. Miraculously, today, I am alive and kicking!

Now to back track to Day 3. Visited Gandan Monastry which is located on a cliff side at altitude 4,200m. I think the excitment of seeing Gandan could be the main reason for me feeling so sick that same evening because at high altitude, we are suppose to take it slow and easy. However, I was too excited on seeing the Gandan Monastry and I repeatedly exclaimed "Amazing....". For a moment, the Shangri-La that I have pictured in my mind for years suddenly become real right in front of my eyes.

Gandan Monastry built in the 15th century at altitude of 4,200m

Maybe this is the "Blue Moon Valley" in the Lost Horizon?

This is a prayer flag. Blue=sky, White=cloud, Red=Fire, Green=River, Yellow=Earth. The traditional Tibetans believe in paying respect to the natural elements of the world.

And here's a lovely picture of the Potala by night..... enjoy!

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