Monday, 10 December 2007

A day to remember 10 December

2 years ago on 10 Dec, it was Mayday's Final Home Concert. Why do I remember this so clearly? Not because I am an ardent fan, but because it is a memorable day for my friend Kanning.

Some time in June 2005, when me and my friends knew that Mayday was coming in that same December to hold their concert, it got us all excited. Immediately, we counted the number of people who would go to the concert together and even decided on the price of tickets that we were going to get.

A couple of weeks passed and Kanning came to us with an uneasy look. She asked... would we go to her wedding or Mayday's concert because it would be on the same day. Lightning strikes on a fair weather day (晴天霹雳), immediately our plans to become crazy fans for a night shattered into pieces. Yet, I did not hesitate any minute to give my answer to Kanning, of course it's her wedding that I will choose.

On the wedding evening, Kanning and hubby looked gorgeous. What really moved me is that during her thank you speech, Kannning thanked us all for sacrificing Mayday's concert to attend her wedding. Now, as I think of this day, I can't help but to smile. Such a meaningful and touching day, I will definitely remember for a long long time.

Here's an extract of what I wrote after the wedding 2 years ago... From My Space

"Attended a few weddings lately.... all of different themes and set up. Favourite one has got to be kanning's. Why? In her speech, she expressed her appreciation to us for sacrificing Mayday's concert....... that is so "cunning"! I am very touched!

But I'll be the one who'll regret if I missed this special evening. I really felt happy for both of them..... It seems like forever before Kanning and hubby finally tie the nuptial knot. I still remember the time when she had to endure the long distance relationship, how she saved up for her Europe trip, how she waited in anticipatioin for her then boyfren to return for good........ And of course her more recent "endurance" of the fish soup diets, and to abstain from her favourite "kong ba bao", kopi, and blah blah. This is really a perfect way to embark on a new journey and I hope they will always remain happy. "

On hindsight, I probably have made up for missing the Final Home concert in 2005. Haha... I attended Mayday's Singapore and Shanghai concerts this year! Oh and I forgot to mention, the same group of people who wanted to go to the concert back in 2005 finally made it this time.

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