Saturday, 22 December 2007

We are ALSO the world (Part 2)

Bear Farming

When I first learnt about the cruelty of bear farming and watched a video presentation on it, I was left speechless. I heard the bears whined and the sound of their heads banging against the metal cages... I grabbed my chest as my heart felt pain beyond words.

From You Tube. Only 2 mins, view it!

I found another clip on You Tube today, and after watching it, I literally had tears in my eyes. Can you see that the bears are suffering? Can you feel the sorrow in their eyes? Can you hear their cries of distress? If the bears could only speak, how could we as human beings live to face these? The bears have done nothing to deserve such cruelty.

It is beyond my comprehension how some human beings have the heart to resort to such means. Bears kept in tiny cages, with tubes inserted into their bladders PERMANENTLY and dripping their lives away. And for how long? Many many years, probably a whole lifetime of the bear. Alas, what do all these mean?! I... I... do not know how to continue.

Please do not think that this is a problem far away from us, which only happens in China, Vietnam or Korea. In 2006, the Animal Concerns Research & Education Society (ACRES) found that 20% of the 115 Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) shops surveyed in Singapore were selling bear bile and other bear products. Outrageous!

I like to think that people who consume bear products are unaware of the process they are being obtained, the utmost cruelty associated with bear bile farming, because who can still swallow these things after seeing how the moon bears are suffering? Maybe we can do something to raise the awareness: Tell your family and friends, tell your friends' friends, never never buy bear bile or other bear products. Why? Because it is illegal and the process of obtaining them is extremely cruel.

We can also do our part by not patronising TCM shops which offers such products. Look out for this label when you next visit a TCM shop. ACRES and the Singapore TCM Organisation Committee (STOC) have developed a scheme whereby TCM shops which have committed not to sell products from endangered species will be awarded this label to be displayed in their shops.

Here is a list of TCM shops who have signed up for the scheme:

Together, we can make a difference, because "when the buying stops, the cruelty stops too"!

Am I being naive? No, I believe that there will be a day when bear farming will completely vanish. Afterall, there are only 10,000+ more bears to be rescued and if we work hard enough, we'll all live to see this day comes.

The moon bears are part of our world, we can love them like one of us, if only we try! Spread love, love the moon bears, love our world!

* Ring is also against testing on animals. Read my previous post here.

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