Wednesday, 26 December 2007

I'm flying... again (Singapore --> Shanghai) Day 1

Gosh, I've never tried blogging on multiply. The thing about China is that blogspot is almost always inaccessible.

Just a short flight of 5 hours and I have left home and travelled over 3800km to a city, which I am slowly getting familiar with.

The season changed like magic, departing from a summer isle to arrive in a winter city, I have skipped the autumn in between. When I stepped out of the airport, a gust of cold wind blew into my face and I was totally unprepared for it. Instantaneously, I thought I was going to freeze, even though it was just 13dc in Shanghai today.

You must know that I love travelling, but you probably can never guess that I dislike flying on an aeroplane. The baggage, the check-in, the immigration clearance, waiting for boarding.. oh my god, they drive me crazy! But why am I complaining? Isn't flying suppose to be a luxury? Personal entertainment system (with movie marathon), 3 course set meal served by friendly stewardess, breath-taking scenery... practically sit back and relax.

The flight to Shanghai today was rough. I think my captain may be a speed monster! During take off, the plane was shaking like hell and when we were landing, I had to hold on tight since my bum lost contact with the seat for 1 second. Call it a phobia if you like, but ever since I've watched the film "Alive" with I was 19, flying on an aeroplane has never been easy for me. If you don't know what I am talking about, go watch this movie... I assure you that your flying experience will never be the same again... haha!

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