Sunday, 9 December 2007

The little girl from Summer Island

There is a girl who has a dream, she dreams of becoming a teacher one day. What seems like a simple wish to most, yet to live it up may not be that simple afterall. How many of us really became what we had wanted to be as a child?

I tried hard to remember what my childhood ambition was but I just could not recall. Certainly not becoming an accountant, come on, which kid would aspire a life so dull and boring like that of an accountant? I asked myself, what happened to those forgotten childhood dreams that I once had. Maybe they were lost when I was struggling to grow up, maybe it was because I made compromises along the way, or maybe I just stopped believing in dreams....

This little girl lives in "Summer Island", Sri Lanka. Summer Island is the name World Vision has gaven to this particular aide project, which I am one of the child sponsor. I do not know, however, if the village is really as exotic as the name suggests. My little girl has painted me pictures over the years, which I believe is her vision of home. Sometimes, she painted herself inside and I certainly hope she is as happy as she seems in the drawings.








A child's world is full of colours, beautiful flowers and lovely trees. The harsh reality of life may be totally unknown to the child, or maybe not in the case of this little girl who lives in Summer Island. She told me that her father has died, but what does that mean to her since her father has abandoned her when she was just a toddler. The truth is, some people just have a bigger share of misery in life than others do.

So to this little girl who still have dreams, where the mystery of life is awaiting for her to uncover, I could only wish for her the best. May she always keep her dreams alive and have constant faith and strength to live a beautiful life, exactly the way she wants it to be!

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