Thursday, 27 December 2007

谎言的世界 My world of lies (Shanghai Day 2)

Travel is made for liars. Or liars are made by travel. I read this in a book recently. Is that why people love traveling? The deception, indulgence and perhaps also an element of ambiguity… especially when our definitions of right and wrong are constantly being challenged by different cultures and expectations.

In some ways, I become a different person when I travel: do what I can’t do, eat what I don’t eat and buy what I won’t buy. I’d like to think that it is the circumstances that require me to change and that I am only embracing the local cultures. However, the reality is that this merely reflects my lack of self-discipline and negligence.

Durian Pastry and 香煎包. You won’t believe it but I ate them all! I circum to peer pressure! So, who’s the one who never eat bao and hates durian?

After returning home with nothing from Shanghai on my previous visit in October, I have decided that shopping will be a “must do” in this trip. My colleagues and I went to Bu Xing Jie (步行街) in Xu Jia Hui (徐家汇) tonight, with a mission which I call “contribute to China’s economy”, i.e. buy DVDs lah! I felt my moral running really low tonight as I was unable to resist the temptations of those rock bottom prices and it certainly didn’t help to have 2 locals around who didn’t feel the slightest wrong-doing about this whole thing. So what happened to my concepts about IP? I think I might have locked them inside my hotel safe this morning.

We saw Christmas tree, Santa and other Xmas décor along the way. It was as if Christmas day has not yet arrived. I was told by my colleague that Christmas is celebrated on 29th December in China. Haha… why shouldn’t I believe that? I’m living in a world of lies anyway.

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