Friday, 14 December 2007

I love driving in Singapore because...

I love driving in Singapore,
Because I can listen to my favaourite CD,
From beginning till ending,
Just to travel 20km from home to the office.

I love driving in Singapore,
Because people drive leisurely on the overtaking lanes,
And they remind me that life can be so carefree,
Even though I am already terribly late that morning.

When I signal left,
Drivers beside me will get up to speed,
To close up the gap so that I end up missing the exit,
Which may not be such a bad thing,
For I can enjoy more of the scenery on AYE.

In the car park where there are no vacancies,
Some patient ones can wait at ease,
Doesn't matter that they cause a big traffic;
And maybe that's the way it should be,
To make the parking fees value for money.

Wait a minute, I am not critising!
Just making the best out of my misery.
So whenever you are caught in bad traffic,
Think of why we love driving in this city.

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