Saturday, 12 July 2008

Kyoto in a day

From Nagoya to Kyoto, it only takes 30mins by Shinkansen.

Kyoto is the ancient capital city of Japan until the early 19th century. Other than handicrafts, old shrines and temples, the Geisha can often be seen in Kyoto. They are available for hire to private dinner parties.

Heian Shrine, brightly coloured in green and orange.

This decorative ropes are made from the rice plant. The ropes represent rain clouds and the dangling strips of paper represent lightning. This is to pray for rain and a good harvest.

Kiyomizu Temple was the top tourist attraction in Japan, but now ranks 2nd, after the Disneyland. The temple has 5 million visitors each year. So touristic!

The Buddha's feet. It was used for worshipping in the early times as this Buddha (forgot his name) had left instructions to his disciples that no statue of him should be made after his death. So the "feet" scultpure was carved instead.

Ladies in Yukata. This is the summer kimono, made of cotton.

My Japanese managing director took us to dinner this evening, as he happened to be staying in Kyoto over the weekend.

It was a lovely restaurant on the river bank where we ate, and I heard it is so expensive that even the Japanese do not normally dine there.

Like a boat house.

Try to see beyond the 2 alcholics flushing down their beer (only 0.1% alcohol in this beer). The restuarant is literally sitting on the river on a platform.

This was an extremely difficult shot. Firstly, I had to sneak around to watch the Geisha entertaining at the next table; then the lighting was dim and didn't help that she was moving all the time.

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