Saturday, 12 July 2008

Nagoya (Day 3) - "Food" for thoughts

There is nothing which does not taste delicious in Japan. This is my conclusion after the 3rd visit to this country.

My only complain is that the amount of food served for each meal is way too much. Not that the portions are big, but the varieties are sometimes overwhelming! Added on to this burdern is the "free flow" of beer and sakae... it has been tough on my digestive tract to sustain these good meals day after day.

This was my lunch... almost; only the appetizers.

Today's dinner at a restaurant specialising in eel fish. Again, another one of appetizer (before this, there were already 3 others served) and beer, which I did not order but came straight to my table.

The main course at dinner. This alone is enough to be served as one meal for me.

These good food comes with a BIG price tag. A meal like this cost Yen6,000, almost S$80. Sweat....

Everyone knows that it is expensive in Japan, and in fact most things are costlier than at home. Therefore, I am surprised to find out that a tall Latte in Starbucks Nagoya costs only Yen360! That's a bargain, even when compared to prices back home.

I am writing like the way my Japanese colleague speaks... he's a bad influence!

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