Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Nagoya (Day 1)

People who are visiting Japan for the first time should go to Tokyo, or they will risk having the wrong impression about Japan.

Nagoya is an industrial area and quite ulu in fact. It is not as glamourous, not as extravagant and not as energetic when compared to Tokyo. There is nothing much to do here, but I have managed to find some time to visit the top tourist site in Nagoya today.

Nagoya Castle was built in 1612. The unique feature about this castle was that it consisted of various big and small Donjons, linked together by bridges. The castle was preserved until the 1940s, when most parts of it was burnt down during World War II. See, everyone suffers during the war, including those who initiated it.

The Donjon, (main castle) what we see here is reconstructed in 1959 after the original one burnt down during WWII.

The site where Hommaru Palace stood, now reduced to this nothingness. The palace was use as offices and residence of the feudal lords. I can't really imagine how it looked, even after seeing photographs, I guess it will be even harder for you. But looking at the bare ground, I can't help to feel a little pity for the heritage and culture that have been lost in this space.

The original Southwest Tower from the 17th century and the reconstructed Main Gate which was burnt down during WWII.

Carvings on rocks. These are some of the different markings used to represent the various clans of the feudal lords at that time. It was used to distinguish which lords contributed to carrying rocks in respective sections of the castle. Because the rocks were so heavy, sometimes requiring hundreds or thousands of men to haul and pull them, it was important for the effort to be accredited to the right people.

Interesting drainage cover inside Nagoya Castle.

Love is in the air. Heart-shaped leaves.

It's back to business tomorrow and the day after.


日刀口 said...

i think pp who go Japan first time must go other places.. cos i tink a lot pp take Tokyo as representative of entire Japan whihc is a BIG mistake.. Tokyo is only small part of Japan.. and out there in the North and East side.. its a different life style.. i really love travelling ard different part of Japan.. everything is sooo nice =)

Ling said...

Actually I beg to differ on that. Although the historical and scenic areas in Japan are nice too, my favourite is still Tokyo. It's so modern and I quote from somewhere I read "The old older, the young younger and the new newer"... that is my impression of Tokyo in a nutshell.