Sunday, 6 July 2008

A Home in the Making

It is easy to build houses. Combining experience with trial and tested techniques, houses are built higher and stronger.

Yet building a home is not quite as easy. Even after thousands of years of civilisation, we never quite mastered the art. On contrary, we make the same mistakes over again and over again.

Transforming a house into a home is a tedious process; just like most other good things in life, they don't usually come without any struggle.

I was busy settling in the appliances and furnitures today. Now I can finally sit back and laugh as I recount the many mishaps which happened earlier. Firstly, the carpenter broke the cupboard door while trying the fix the squeaking sound at the hinges. Then, he tried to fix a nail to hang my painting, but ended up breaking the wall.

When the fridge arrived, it was almost too big to pass through the kitchen's door. We got people from the management office up, getting ready to tear down the door.

Ring's Tip on buying a fridge

Step 1: The width and height should fit into the existing fridge space (common sense);

Step 2: Measure again with the fridge door open; make sure that nothing is in the way when swinging it open (I never thought of that); and

Step 3: Don't forget to measure the kitchen door... otherwise be prepared to have it ripped off(almost became my nightmare)!

And one delivery came in 4 hours late. I thought it was never going to come.

Fortunately, things turned out okay at the end of the day. See the transformation...

TV and Home Theatre System have arrived!

Just in time to watch Lord of the Rings

Bedroom in the making (By the way, the "girly" colour is not my idea; it's a long story how it ended up like this)

Ta da... the finished product! Now it feels more like home

My "World", a new toy

Say "Hi" to one of my new friends, at risk of suffering from soap poisoning. Maybe I should get an encyclopedia about insects, since they have become part of my life, even sharing my bed sometimes. An idea for a house warming gift? Hehe...

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