Tuesday, 15 July 2008

The transformation... from nothing to almost complete!

After 2.5 months of dust, mess and frustrations, the long and tedious process of renovating the house has finally come to an end. Now that I know how much work this involves (though I am only involved in less than 50% of the details), I am going to think twice or even thrice before I move again.

See the transformation from some of the before and after pictures below. Nothing elaborate, just simple lines, bright and spacious.

Study room. The laminated surface on the bench by the window has been replaced 3 times. Originally, 3 pieces of material were required. Finally, it was completed using 12.

Living room. The 2 glass doors of the cabinet that you see here (extreme left) are the 3rd set. 2 other sets before that have gone to waste due to various design and manufacturing glitches.

Bedroom. This one gave me the biggest headache. I nearly collapsed when I first saw how it turned out. Other than replacing some of the laminated strips on the headboard, the walls have been painted 3 times and the final colour choice could only make the room look like this. I wish it was better, but I have tried my best.

Dining table. Also a replacement set that you see here. The first one has a defective surface, and although small, did not survive my careful scrutiny.

Guestroom. By far the most "successful" room (ha, cos it has nothing inside!). No major hiccups other than some scratches on the wall after the painting was done. I love this room, the colour of the wall (kiwi green) and the fabric for the curtains are picked by me, 100% to my fancy. It feels like a cool summer day in this room, I hope that will help make my guests feel cozy.

So welcome to my humble abode.


ssr said...

No pain no gain! Looks great!

Anonymous said...

No house warming =)... thomas

Ling said...

No sofa yet cannot housewarming... or else guests have to sit on the floor hoho!