Thursday, 10 July 2008

Nagoya (Day 2)

(1) "Flush" the embarrasement away

This unique "equipment" in the ladies toilet in Japan never fails to amuse me.

What is the use? Let me demonstrate how it works:

Got it? I wonder what can be found in the Gents.

(2) Sing your heart out

After a long day in meeting, it was time to enjoy a casual evening accompanied by good food and great friends.

I thought dinner alone was crazy enough, as I had a few sakae too many. I lost count of the number of "Gan Bai" I have made... I don't know why my cup was never empty.

Representing Dongguan, Thailand, Shanghai, Japan and Singapore

Then it was karaoke after dinner... Oh My God! Though I was able to spare myself the embarrassment of having to sing, the night went wild as my colleagues and their bosses sang their heart out!

Colleauges from Beijing, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Philippines... music has no boundaries.

I am happy to have my colleauges from around the region get together in Nagoya. It was really a crazy evening and I had so much fun! BUT that doesn't change anything on the agenda of tomorrow's meeting... there will be questions they dread to answer.

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