Tuesday, 10 July 2007

This product is "Not tested on animals"

If you pick up a product today that has "Not tested on animals" listed on its label, how would you feel? Like many of you, I've always felt good and even thought that they are probably better products to buy. Yet, it was never the criteria in which I select my purchases.

But do we really understand the meaning behind these 4 words? Before we answer that question, take a look at the pictures below.

They are laboratory animals used for testing skin and eye irritancy. The rabbit's fur is shaven and substances are applied onto its bare skin to test for allergic reactions; substances are dripped into the rabbits' eyes and they are held on restraint so that the rabbits cannot rub their eyes and researchers can then study the symptoms of redness, swellness and other irritating reactions. It is not difficult to guess what happen to these rabbits in the end...... they are usually killed.

I do not know how you would feel after seeing this, but I am definitely appalled and heart broken. This is how far a human being will go for the sake of a new shampoo, a skin care product or even a detergent. The truth is animal testings in these cases are not even mandatory by law and there are many alternative ways to test for product safety. Even more shocking is that most of the familiar brands like Unilever (Dove), Colgate-Pamolive, Oral-B, Johnsons & Johnsons, Pantene, Olay, P&G and others you name it are said to be testing their products on animals! I'm totally furious!

Human being is probably the only species in this world that can pretend that sufferings do not exist simply by turning a blind eye to them. There is a chinese saying "眼不见为净" which seems so fitting in this case. I am not asking you to dump all your toiletries and household cleaners into bin right away nor am I asking you to start boycotting these manufacturers. All I am hoping is to raise your awareness on what is happening behind the scenes and you can decide how you want to spend each dollar.

So what does "Not tested on animals" really means? It means not keeping animals in barren cages for prolonged periods which drive them to insanity; it means not depriving them of veterinary care when they are hurt; it means not putting them through cruel sufferings just to protect the liabilities of the manufacturers.....

Sufferings don't end just because we don't see them! Be an informed and responsible consumer.

Want to know more about who the "good" and "bad" guys are? Please follow the link:

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