Sunday, 12 August 2007

Weekend Combo post: Sentosa vs Orchard

Hee hee... Blogger turns lazy over the weekend. Another combo post for this week.

(1) Saturday (11 August)

My breakfast at Coffee Bean @ Sentosa. Americano and chocolate chip muffin. Defeat the purpose of having skimmed milk added to the black coffee.

So many giraffes

That's a luge by the way.

Did you know there are such fun games at Sentosa now?

(2) Pilgrimage at Zara (12 August)

One of my favourite weekend activities is to pay pilgrimage at Zara @ Liat Towers.

Look what I've got! Cute?

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Thomas said...

That T shirt "Wont Anyone Hug Me" is so cool...Nice T shirt.