Monday, 6 August 2007

Chasing Mini Cooper

Went to the Mini showroom today. Why do I have a feeling that it's going to make me poorer?

What a beautiful car, I'm astonished! But it's totally against my criteria for selecting a car:

1. Saloon. I have always appreciated a car with generous boot space for my shopping bags and bicycle

2. 5-door. Basically I think a 3-door car is a "selfish" car as I never believed that such a car is meant to take passengers

3. Acceleration from 0-100km of not greater than 10 seconds. Further elaborations not required as those who have sat in my Honda knows how I can be a "speedmonster" at times (only bad drivers need this so as to be ahead of traffic after stopping at each traffic junction. I find this particularly useful when I need to do a lane switch)

Despite all the above, I find the mini cooper extremely attractive. I have the first taste of how it felt to "buy" a classic luxurious model (I consider Benz & BMW to be in a similar league). No need to ask if it comes with leather seat (actually needless to ask, it would be a shame if such expensive car doesn't come with such fittings), no need to consider if it has a mp3 or CD changer and fuel consumption is of the least priority. If you like how a mini looks, the rest are just secondary.

And now for the million dollar question (er... maybe not quite a million but only $100k in relativity), am I going to get it? Let's dwell on it for a little longer as it has not yet pass my "affordability test". I think it is good to have unfulfilled desires in life so at least for me there is something to look forward to for the moment.

So until the decision is made, I shall not award a "疯狂指数" to this.

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