Tuesday, 21 August 2007

3 months and 1 day deadline

Today is the deadline for my return to PwC, after 3 months and 1 day. Sadly (or gladly, depending on which perspective you have), it is clear that the day of my return will never come.

When I first joined my new company, I was full of apprehension and doubts. I was not sure how a "perceived workaholic" like me could survive in a slow paced environment, with all the aunties (hmm actually I'm also an aunty haha!). My friend calls my new place the "retirement village".

Contrary to all my initial beliefs, I think by now I can say that I am fully accustomed to this "retirement" culture. Work used to be 70% and life 30% (using a work-life balance analogy) but now it is exactly the reverse; 30% work, 70% life. I left PwC in search of a life and I ended up finding not just my life back, but also friends and new dreams.

For many years, I have put up a tough front, usually defensive and skeptical about new acquaintance and relationships. I haven't had new friends for a long long time (even those bunch of great pals in PwC are gained only after long years of battling at the front lines together) and I never thought it would actually be so easy to do that. My new colleagues have embraced me unconditionally and with open arms ever since I came and I was taken to lunch and asked to joined them in their afternoon chit chats at the snack corner within the first week. Such warmth and kindness are things that have been missing in my life for way too long. And if I have not yet mentioned, they celebrated my birthday with a sumptuous lunch and tasty blackforest cake, just at the point when I was terribly missing my birthday bash in PwC. Gosh, I am deeply touched.

These people have touched my heart in so many ways. Not only have I been showered with care and concerns, I have also gained inspirations from their simple joys and simple ways of lives. One important lesson which they taught me through their very own actions is that one should always take the first step to open up his/her heart if he/she wants others to equally open theirs. There is no reason why you should be hurt by doing so because love that is of the most genuine form can always be understood, even by the most mercenary person.

And as for my new dreams.... I honestly don't know where I am heading towards. But I am living each day the way I like and while I could lament on what I have missed out in those years that have passed, I rather focus all my energy on making the future right.

I do hope you can see how different a person I have become and from the bottom of my heart, I can say this....... I am happy today!

P.S. I will be taking a break from this blog for a couple of days after this post to concentrate on some serious reading. Until then, please do not miss me.... and please continue to boost the visitor counts by coming back to this page haha! Sad already? Come on, it will be for less than a week lah!

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