Thursday, 16 August 2007

The end of motorcycle theory classes

Finally, I have finished all 4 of my riding theory classes. Today, I met the most diligent instructor who constantly engage the students in class (making sure that they are not sleeping or day-dreaming) and is all passionate about what he is teaching. He deserves the greatest respect.

As a motorcar driver, I have always resented motor-bikers whom I thought are reckless and stubborn. I have little patience towards those who just have to insist on driving on the right lane or squeeze themselves through the gaps between cars in heavy traffic conditions. Goodness, I fear for their lives! When in class, the instructor described various scenarios that are the most inappropriate of the bikers (the above 2 included) and you can see me knodding my head vigorously. Somehow the instructor might have noticed it and asked me if I would still want to learn to ride a bike knowing that it is dangerous. Only he seem to have smelled the fear and not the resentment in me.

Of course I am going to continue. Who said chasing a dream is easy? It takes a lot of determination and will to persevere when all else seem to turn against you. But, the "devil" in us grows stronger whenever we are determined to do something. Maybe all the will power has been channeled towards what we want to achieve and less is remaining the curb the "devil" from rising.

Just yesterday when I was leaving office to go swimming, I heard the "devil's" voices.... gosh how I wish I was going home to hug a big fat chocolate cake instead of having to brave the cold water at the pool. But, I did my swimming in the end, just like I will also go start my practical riding classes (which I have procrastinated for almost 3 weeks already).

You might think that after all these classes about riding a motorcycle, I will have more empathy towards the riders on the road. Wrong! Haha... and what kind of rider do you think I will become when I eventually obtained my license? I have only got this to say, if you can't change them, just be like them!

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