Sunday, 26 August 2007

I is back!

It is embarrassing to be using the title as above because the grammer is clearly incorrect. But I guess since my friends will have no problem identifying with that, I thought it is no harm to embarrass myself from time to time.

I was supposed to be hiding away from this blog the last couple of days to work on some serious reading, which I ended up doing almost none. However, I have not been lazy but mostly because I am occupied with updating another blog of mine which desparately needed new posts and boosting in 人气. Unfortunately, none of my friends seem to like going there because the Chinese writings make them dizzy I guess. Believe me, it is also not an easy task to be writing while switching between 1 online translator and 1 online dictionary and my efficiency has gone down by 70% when I blog in Chinese.

Ok, wondering why I am not yet sleeping at this time? Well, my tummy is going through a massive revolution! I have been suffering from weak stomach all week and the Tom Yum hot pot that I just had is definitely the final straw. I am prepared for a rough night ahead. But this is all worth it as me and friends had great fun over dinner just now. See our delightful smiles!

Just turning twenty? Haha!

Khan! Don't look so distracted!

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