Thursday, 9 August 2007

My new office and colleagues

不老的传说。These ladies have combined age of 140 years old. Don't they look young(SSR you won't believe it, one of them is exactly 10 years older than you!)

The legendary coffee machine. Since I joined the company, I have saved lot from not having to pay for my daily dosage of caffeine. Is it that great? Well, if the Swedish are not complaining, why should I be. I have since acquired a taste for black coffee without sugar. Nice. Also a glimpse of the pantry.

Introducing "The snack corner". Every afternoon, aunties will stand in line to savour the various goodies left on the shelf. And of course taking some time off to catch up on the latest gossips and what's happening to their lives and children.

Because it is the budget period now, MDs and FCs from the regions are all coming in and bringing along their local delicacies. Taiwanese crackers, Hong Kong mooncake, Korean Ginseng candies are some of those which you can see here. Next week there will be more!

My work station. Big enough? Well, bigger space than I need actually.

Did you see a "dinosaur" buried underneath the files? I can't even tell what model of IBM laptop it is. Fortunately, it is not mine.

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Anonymous said...

You should take the snack out and share with us.. Hahaa...
What is SSR?