Monday, 13 August 2007

Going Green - Food miles

I read something really interesting on Straits Times while having lunch just now. It's about being environmental friendly and ways that you can "Go Green".

One interesting thing I learnt is about "Food Miles". It measures the distance that our food travels from the field to our table, thereby indicating the level of carbon dioxide emission due to the transportation process involved. That is, it will be environmentally friendlier if you buy a local kampong chicken than one imported from Australia.

Some of the recommeded ways that you can go green includes bringing your own reusable shopping bags and food containers, buying from local food sources, not drinking bottled water, switch off appliances that are usually kept on standby or power sockets when not in use, etc. Sounds pretty easy to do right? So why are you hestitating, start going green today!

I believe one of the reason why people procrastinate on starting on such simple acts is due to the negative thought that "how can one person's effort make any difference"? Like I always advocate to my friends, no one person's contribution is ever too small because if I can change you, and you can change a friend, and your friend change another, together, we can change the world. Of course, we don't have to turn revolutionalists overnight, just try to start small, in the easiest way that you can. And praise yourself for doing so because it takes someone who cares to want to make a difference to yours and my lives.

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