Thursday, 30 August 2007

A card to Sri Lanka

Look at my DIY card! Ok, so what if my art ain't great? It is the thought that counts!

* * Front * *

* * Back * *

I am sure you can tell from the fact that I couldn't even cut in straight line that it was such arduous task for me to put together this card, consisting of comic strip I download from the internet and pasted on red cardboard (technically, it's not that simple as there was a reasonable amount of cut and paste job plus designs with some fancy paper).

This will be the little gift to my sponsored child in Sri Lanka, who will be celebrating her 10th birthday on 13 Oct. I certainly hope she likes it and I wish you will all enjoy the funny little comic too! In case you are thinking that I might have prepared for this way too early, it is not quite the case. By the time the card reaches World Vision Sri Lanka, get translated and redirected to the "Summer Island", hehe.... I wonder when that will be. Oh did I mention? This particular sponsorship program that I am associated with is call "Summer Island ADP". What a sunny and happy name.... it definitely brings hope!

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