Sunday, 2 September 2007

Motorbike lesson #1

Am I out of my mind or what? An aunty learning to ride a bike? That must be quite a sight!

Today I commenced my first practical motorcycle riding lesson. This, I have been thinking and worrying for the last couple of days. As I expected, the "balancing" trick was the toughest part for me to overcome. I have always had troubles with activities that require "balancing" like ice-skating, roller-bladding, skiing and cycling..... It is a miracle that I can cycle though I won't tell you how much trouble I had to go through before I could ride a bicycle.

My instructor must have got a hunch already that I will be a "difficult student" for him to manage. Indeed, I was the slowest learner amongst the 3 pupils and I believe it has got something to do with age. My bike collapsed a total of 4 times, engine stalled at least 3 times but I was all well and pink. What can happen to me when I am in long sleeve, long pants, wearning gloves, helmet, elbow and knee guards? I think the chance of me getting a scratch is almost as remote as striking 4D.

In an attempt to help me overcome my fear, my instructor took me on a ride. Come on, he is kidding me. I have ride pillion quite so many times that I could even sleep on the bike when someone is riding. So he asked me, "how come you can trust someone else and not trust yourself?" Good point. But I have an absolutely sensible answer to that too, because the person I am riding with has a license, of course I can trust him. I trust the system!

Anyway, slow to pick up I might have been, but as soon as I start getting the hang of it, everything just falls into place. Proudly, I am announcing "I can ride a bike now" (I should perhaps only say maneuver the bike)! Though I am just able to do short rounds in the circuit on first gear. It's an amazing feeling to be cruising around with the motorcyle and maybe for that all the hard work is worthwhile. More exceptionally is that today, I picked up a new skill! The transition from ignorance to learnt, it simply feels great!

Ok, the lesson ain't as smooth as what I would have liked and I think my instructor almost didn't want to let me make it through to the next stage. I do not know exactly how many tonnes that damn piece of metal is, but oh boy, it is HEAVY! I struggled a great deal to park the bike as I have to raise it up before I could put down the stand, almost like what you'll have to do to park a bicycle. As I am writing now, I am feeling the after effects of the "strenuous exercise" this morning. My arms are like jelly and wobbly hands can barely support anything I want to do now (like raising a glass full of water) without making it appear like there is an "earthquake" going on.

Haha, don't look forward to lesson #2 but I definitely will still go ahead with it. 万事起头难啊! Maybe I should lift some weights in the meantime.


*sheep said...

Maybe arms might get slimmer in the process... :x

Thomas said...

This is amazing. I am so shocked to know that you are learning Bike. Must be damm cool to see you in bike. Haha....

Ling said...


Yours truly, coward me has not fix a date for second lesson! Is it ever going to happen?

Please encourage me! Heaven help me please!

PS. Thomas, it is not so cool when you see the blue black on my leg. And sorry sheep, it did not make me any slimmer.

Thomas said...

Well, I believe you will take be able to handle this and go for the second lesson. It is not your style to aviod this, your style is to take on this challenge and overcome it.

Come on, once you had cleared the exam and ride on a bike, it gonna to cool despite the process of getting the licence might not be easy.