Sunday, 29 July 2007

Journal of the weekend

(1) Ridiculous dress for Sunday morning

I was at a Kopitiam near Telok Blangah this morning, having roti-prata and kopi-c. Just then, I noticed an aunty of age around 50, walking towards the coffee shop. What's the big deal with seeing an aunty visiting a kopitiam? It was the dress she was wearing that caught my attention: a turquoise colour layered dress (design similar to the one that you see on the left; but mind you, she is not quite like the cute Korean model that you see in the picture here attached).

Accompanying her was an uncle of similar age, cladded in T-shirt and shorts, holding her hand dearly. In case you are slighlty distracted here, no, they look like they are a normal couple than if they have shared some unusual relationship.

This is what I considered the most inappropriate dressing for a Sunday morning. You might think that it is the result of a hangover from the "Saturday night fever", but how do we explain the casual outfit of uncle? I began to wonder when was the last time I have embarrased my spouse in public by dressing up in a ridiculous manner. Or maybe it didn't matter to him at all. Anyway, I have always questioned the "审美眼光" of men; or maybe they are just too gentlemanly to oppose a woman who thought that she looks beautiful.

This led me to recall an interesting conversation that I usually have with my hubby when we go shopping for new clothes. He'll say: "说美的,你又不买。 说不美,你又不高兴。" Is this a reflection of my serious question of his taste? Or it is in all women to be fickle and indecisive? You shall be the judge, haha!

(2) Motorcycle course (Licence Class 2B)

I did it finally! Despite the rain in the morning and the 4 compulsory theory classes that I have to attend as part of the course (come on, who needs to attend classroom training for theory exams), I signed up at Bukit Batok Driving Centre to learn to ride a bike. Deep down in my heart I really feel scared and insecured. But to fulfill a dream, I have to be brave! Hack it... there is no turning back now. Fortunately, mum didn't say much. She just asked if I'm buying a bike and I told her "no" (at least for now haha), which pretty much seem to address all her concerns.

Wish me luck and hopefully 6 months later I'll take you on a ride to the beach on my blue scooter!

* * * 疯狂指数:3 out of 5

(3) A late night conversation

I was talking to a friend late last night who seem a little unhappy and disillusioned with life. Something meaningful came out of that conversation. I said to him this:

"People question our choices everyday. However, the most important thing is that we don't question them ourselves".

We all have a simple wish that is to be happy. Of course, the way to happiness differs from one person to the other. Too many a time, our willfulness is being kept under wrapped so that we can conform with social norms or do what the society perceived as "correct". Whatever your choice is, whether to conform or not to conform, the important thing is, can you live with that decision? At the end of the day, you have only got to be accountable to yourself and you owe it to no one other yourself when you are happy.

You might be doing some things now to minimise regrets in the future. However, for me, I just want to live for today and have no regrets each and everyday. Call me willful if you like, it doesn't matter to me. And I might even fail in the task which I embark on out of this "willfulness"! But at least I have the courage to try.

So if you ask me how to tell a right decision from a wrong one, I think it is the one that leaves you with the least regret. Go for it friends! You have the courage and strength to do anything, you just have to search hard enough for them.

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