Sunday, 22 July 2007

Great weekend, Great Purchases

(1) The Beatles Yellow Submarine T-shirt

Coolest! If it hadn't been for 五月天, The Beatles would definitely have been my favourite band!

Yellow Submarine is one of the best loved songs of The Beatles. There are lots of controversies surrounding this song, as some said it was was written by The Beatles (Paul McCartney) under the influence of drugs (you know the negative association of the Hippies with drugs) and the "Yellow Submarine" apparently is a place where the "druggies" live in.

The more positive ones believe that it is merely an expression of the society which we are borned into, where our "friends are all aboard" and "many more live next door". The Yellow Submarine shelter us from the bigger world which we are ignorant of.

Yet there are others who believe that it is simply a fun and catchy children song.

Whichever intepretation suits you, it is undeniable that the Yellow Submarine is one of the "signature" piece of this great band. Ask anyone around the world about the Yellow Submarine, and they will tell you, "It's The Beatles"!

(2) Lost Horizon by James Hilton

Finally finished reading the book. This is the second time that I have read it. First time was when I was just 15 years old and as I have mentioned in my previous blog entry, it is how I began my love for travelling.

Such a great book warrants a full page book review dedicated specially to it. And I will do so hopefully in the next couple of days. Well, the only thing I can say now is I have a feeling of a dream being shattered! I must have fell asleep or been lazy when I first read the book more than 10 years ago such that I missed out on the ending. That could have changed my life and my whole perspective of the Shangri-La! I'm mourning... for the lost of a long time dream.

(3) 五月天-离开地球表面CD&DVD

Finally got the CD. Suppose to be released on Friday 20 Jul but it was late! The new songs are great! Though ZN always complain that they are very loud.

As I am writing now, Mayday is having their concert in Taipei. The 3rd in the row since Friday evening. Too bad I can't go there but as consolations, I can watch the DVD!

五月天 rules!

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