Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Welcome to my world!

My first entry on the Blog.... naturally I should start off with an introduction of myself. Though many of you might have known me for a good number of years, you may not be aware of the deepest and most intimate thoughts that I have since I do not normally share them freely. Hopefully, this Blog will serve as the avenue for you to know more about me.

You will be familiar with the 5 characters (五形) in Chinese Feng Shui: Gold (金), Wood(木), Water(水), Fire(火), Earth(土). Inspired by this, I would like to tell you more about my very own version of the 5 characters..... The 5 passions of my life.

(1) Travel
My most passionate hobby which has done severe damages to my pocket. I have travelled to places including Switzerland, Venice Italy, Amsterdam, Paris, Turkey, Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand.... so on. My most memorable trip has definitely got to be the Trans-Siberia journey in 2005.

The Trans-Siberia trip was largely a "train based" journey where me and my other 2 companions travelled from St-Petersburg(Russia) to Moscow to Siberia to Mongolia and finally arrived in Beijing, entirely on train. It was my dream vacation as I've always wanted to stand in the middle of Red Square in Moscow to admire the beautiful St Basil's Cathedral. It was an experience I will never forget and I will definitely share with you more about this trip through my Blog.

(2) Animals
Most friends would immediately remember my pet dog, Cowboy when I talk about animals. It is true that I have a very soft spot for dogs but in fact, I care for most other animals too (with the exception of reptiles maybe, and tempted to also include cats). I believe that all animals can think and feel. Though they may not be as smart as human beings, or I should rather say, though they are not able to express themselves in a manner, which humans can understand, it does not make them a lesser being than you and I. We ought to respect them, love them and appreciate why they are made the way they are… I am convinced that there are ways in which man and animals can live together to serve the best interest of one another (please don’t say farming). So, pledge your love for the animals today!

(3) MSN
One of the most important communication tool to me, only second to mobile phone. It is how I keep in touch with my friends especially when they are overseas, whether in Europe or China. And now, it is also the way I keep myself updated on the PWC gossips and to know how my ex-colleagues are doing.

Most of my MSN contacts must be amused by my nickname or taglines, which changes almost too quickly. So far, the most well received has been the "Top 10 Survival rules" which are mainly cynical office "behavioral rules" that I came up with. They are just for laughs, and for those who have seen it, please don't take them seriously.

(4) Mayday 五月天
My favourite rock band. Since this is a Chinese band, I shall pay tribute to it by writing the following in Mandarin.

摇滚乐团,但不像老外重金属的rock,是走向温和的摇滚。 成员共有5个: 阿信(主唱),怪兽(Guitar兼团长), 石头(Guitar),玛莎(Bass)和冠佑(鼓)。其实不用我多介绍,因为喜欢他们的人一定会知道,而不喜欢或没听过他们的人,一定也不会想知道。


阿信: 从俏皮的学生模样,变成今天成熟的男人,魅力是锐不可挡。 好帅! 不过,更让我欣赏的是他写词曲实在太厉害了。 看他写的歌词常常会让我有所启发和感动。 有机会,你也因该看一看。

石头: 弹吉他的样子超酷! 好像自我陶醉在一个只有自己的世界里,完全忘了有万千观众的存在。身材嘛, 不怎么样,但对一个摇滚乐手来说,算是可以的了!

我最喜欢的五月天歌曲是“拥抱”(很早期的作品)。感觉有点是inspired by "Loving You"这首英文歌, 非常浪漫。 在演唱会上听到了,真是不得了!

(5) Coke
It is a tough choice between Coke and Coffee as my favourite drink (noticed? both contain caffeine).

The fizziness of the drink seems to energize me everytime. Because I have to watch my weight, I normally take only diet Coke and not the regular one (I refer to it as "fat Coke") which many die hard Coke fans swear by. How much do I love Coke? It can be the first thing I drink in the morning, last thing I have before I sleep, drink nothing but Coke and on certain days, when there is no Coke, I drink nothing at all! That bad huh? Coke is addicitive, just like all other "not so healthy" food and beverages. So next time if you want to buy me a drink, please buy me a Coke.

If you have faithfully read every word and come to this point, I will really like to thank you for your interest in me. This entry is extremely long and it took me days to draft it. I'm afraid it will bore many of you as it is nothing but about me. I promise that this will be the few entries you will ever see in my blog that I demonstrate my 自恋 personality. I should be putting up some more interesting posts in the future. So until then, welcome to my world!


Yongchuan said...

Yo Babe, that what I called you mostly. Hehe, think still works..
Nice touch and start...
Keep it up... :)

日刀口 said...

i like ur blog, Ring.. I miss Cowboy too!!