Friday, 20 July 2007

Dearest friends, this one is for you


Over the last couple of days, I have received several comments from friends about my new blog. Thank god, someone is reading it! Not too long ago, as I was writing my first few postings, I was still wondering, who will I be writing it for? Who will be interested in me? It is probably true that some of my thoughts are way too idealistic and extreme for many and I won't blame you if you find them boring. That is why I am deeply touched when I know that you have been reading and your kind words are the best form of encouragement to me.

A few persons that I will like to take some time to thank individually:

(1) Mike, probably the first reader of my blog (maybe cos I bug him too much to read). First one to post a comment to make this blog look less deserted and I will be eternally grateful for that. And also for the long years of friendship.

(2) Celia (aka 日刀口). Has been faithfully reading my blog entries since the MSN My Space days. Though she always leave her comments using different pseudo nicknames, I know they are hers! A great fan of Cowboy and I thank her on behalf of my little pooch.

(3) Dorothy. Since discovering my My Space in MSN, has been digging out my old archive entries since 2005 to read. I was shocked when I saw the statics on My Space on how many times it has been visited. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me too! And mostly, as my 老师 for correcting my 错别字.

Bloggers have various ways to attract visitors to their blogs. Some post their sleazy photos (sorry you won't see that here cos 我没有本钱), others write about gossips or their very own love stories. I have nothing much to offer except my most truthful thoughts and emotions. I am not linguistically talented (and my grammer sucks, I know) nor am I bestowed with imaginations like that of Dan Brown. But, I will continue to write and tell you stories of my life, if you will allow me to.

I don't have to be a rock star or a bestseller author, with you in my life, I already feel special!

And to all my other "silent audience", I know you are out there, thank you!

This song is specially dedicated to you, from my old favourite band, Depeche Mode. Enjoy!


Yongchuan said...

You are welcome... Always glad to help..

日刀口 said...

ur blog really not bad! that's y i read it. i dun read bad blogs. ha

dot said...

ring ring dint know you 这么有墨水 your blog is very interesting and some of your stories are very thought-invoking....