Friday, 13 July 2007

Friday the 13th

The black Friday. My 2 Swedish bosses have gone on leave today..... trying to avoid seeing black cats maybe haha... Since the bosses are not around, our office is in chaos! (Honestly, even when they are around, it is just as chaotic..... 女人嘛! What can you expect from an office full of women?)

Now, Friday the 13th may not be an unlucky day afterall, at least for me. Went back to have lunch with ex-colleagues (and paid exorbitant parking charges of $5.77, which cost more than my lunch in fact). Just like the good old days, chit chatting and sharing gossips are always fun! It's never about the food, it's the company that counts.... of course receiving compliments that I have lost weight certainly made my day! (evil laugh)

Bought some pastry back to office to 孝敬 my colleauges. I have always been impressed with their heathly appetite as they can continue to kuey-kuey, bao, dao sa bian, sugar rolls and all straight after lunch. Anyway, I am glad that the pastry I bought are well-received. Fresh from the oven, who can resist?

Life can be filled with such simple joys as sharing food with those who mean something to you!

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