Sunday, 8 July 2007

Johnny and Louise

Pop! The champagne vivaciously flowed out of the bottle. It symbolises the new beginning of Louise & Johnny's lives together as a couple.

If you have drank champagne before, you would have tasted the sweet and dryness of it and felt the energy contained in this gold transparent liquid. It is very much like life itself, filled with sweet and bitter moments and although precious like gold, you cannot wait to share those moments with the ones you love most.

In this fast-paced environment that we live in, where we hardly have time to stop, have you ever felt extremely lucky that certain brief encounters you have turned out into a lifetime of love and friendship? I think fate is the main catalyst here. Someone also told me once that people always seem to see the worst in others. As such, it takes a very special someone to be able to discover the real you and appreciate who you really are. Fortunately for Louise and Johnny, they have found each other and this unique combination is irreplaceable in this world!

It has been a long day for the couple and also us, the wedding convoy but I am deeply touched. The groom has been a great sport and the bride was beautiful and cheerful all day long. Friends and relatives gathered, well wishes came from everywhere (including funny video clips from Japan)..... in years to come, I hope we will always remember this day as a happy and emotional one.

PS. If love can blossom from a tennis game, it can certainly blossom out of a photography session.... So Mike, you are next

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