Sunday, 16 September 2007

Another farewell

Another farewell dinner... or just another excuse to feast?

In life, we are always confronted with different ways to approach the same thing. Just like today, while some may grief over the lost of yet another colleague, 2 others welcome Dot to the alumni club with great joy. Funny isn't it, while we all sat around the same table, eating rice from the same plate, the thoughts that go through our minds are entirely different. This is what I call "Individualistic".

We take group photographs like these to help us remember certain moments at various points in our lives. Yet I do wonder that in years to come, what will be left behind? Through the passage of time, we lost contact with old friends, we stop thinking alike with our best friends, we adopt new lifestyles... All things change no matter how hard we resist and no matter how well we can preserve an old photograph. But I guess what really matters is that our paths have once crossed and those fond memories will always rest safely in our "box of treasures".

I've never like to use photo editor on photographs like these because the expression and emotions of people are so real... any form of "manipulation" will never do justice. So what if you look a little fat or my hair is a bit messy? In my mind, friends are always beautiful and these are precious memories that are irreplaceable.

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