Sunday, 30 September 2007

Driving on Sunday morning

I just took a spin this morning and saw something interesting on the road.

(1) Underground Radio?

What could this be? Makes me really curious.

(2) Speed monster in action

I was approaching a speed camera where the limit is 90km. Something played trick on my eyes, I reduced my speed to only that below, thinking it was 90km. I think I have slept too little lately that I lose concentration quite easily. Maybe it is a sign of old age.

These photos are taken from my Sony Ericsson mobile phone (while I was also driving). The quality is quite okay considering it is only a 2 megapixel camera. Makes me wonder if it has got something to do with the skill of the person handling the camera. Somehow I think my 7 megapixel canon produced photos of similar quality as this. Hmm... think I got to work on my photography skills a lot more!


Anonymous said...

you are not suppose to be using mobile phone while driving!!!

;) Mikey

Ling said...

I think it is a mistake that traffic police gave me a license. I am such a road hazard at times!