Saturday, 29 September 2007

Imperial Palace East Garden (*yawn*)

My goodness, this is such a boring place to visit! The admission to the garden is free but visitors are not allowed to enter the palace. I inquired with my Japanese colleagues and was told that only on special occassion (like the Emperor's birthday) that visitors will be allowed inside the Imperial Palace ground.

An interesting sight. This is where modern and tradition come together. Look at all the tall buildings standing behind the historical palace. Interesting isn't it?

I felt like an uncivilised boar in this place as I really do not know how to admire the trees and flowers in the garden. Oh well, yes the greenery is soothing but it is also boring to spend the whole morning walking through the garden.

Fortunately, the photos turned out okay. So let's just admire the peace and serenity and say nothing more about it.

I should count myself lucky that I could still see all these greenery in end September. This is the hottest summer for Tokyo in history and is unusually long. As my Japanese colleague told me, the strange weather is the result of global warming.

Green beatle, swan and butterfly... how relaxing their lifestyle is.

The red flower is something that interests me. Many Japanese tourists were admiring it intensely and using SLR to take pictures of it. I must find out what it is and why the Japs are so passionate about it.

Yawning.... enough of the garden already. I felt just as boring typing this.

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