Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Tokyo 大惊小怪 (Day 2)

It is the first official working day today. In the morning, me and colleagues walked almost 20 mins, carrying bags full of gifts and local delicacies, only to reach the Tokyo office hot and sweaty.

(1) Tokyo Tower reveals
I have already heard before I left for Japan that our Tokyo office is near the famous Tokyo Tower and that I can get a view of it from the office itself. So here she reveals....

I was told that in February (Valentine's Day) the Tower will be lit with pink lights and during Christmas, in green. Lovely! Tomorrow night I shall pay her a visit. Now, let's just be satisfied with a glimpse of it out of the office window.

(2) Toilet 风光
Everyday is full of new discoveries in this amazing city. How can I not show you what I found in the ladies room? Check out the 4th button from the left, "Flushing Sound". I realised that in this city, you will have plenty of opportunity to experience the true meaning of "trial and error", not only because most instructions are in Japanese, but also the equipment and gadgets are so innovative that you would probably not have seen it anywhere previously.

So I pressed the button and a long series of flushing sound went off. Geez, do people really need this to disguise the sound from "minding their own business"? I don't see how meaningful this is because when someone hears this artificial flusing sound, she'll know you are doing your business anyway.

(3) Defiance is human nature
See how my colleague performs "illegal jaywalking". She deserves an award for her daring and candid performance!

Contemplating on how to cross to the opposite side of the road.

Noticed this signboard but it is in Japanese, what does it say? The words sound like "Do Not Cross" but the pictorial seems to suggest "Pedestrian Crossing". I think it meant the former, but who cares? Defiance is human nature.

Caught in action! Look who's jaywalking!

To be continued....


*sheep said...

wa... i also wan to try the toilet in Tokyo. Looks pretty fun!

Wonder wat is the Gents like hor?

Ling said...

I should have gone into the Gents to check yesterday night when everyone else has left the office.

But I think guys need more than just the "flushing sound" to diguise their activites. Afterall, they stand in line. Haha

*sheep said...

Maybe the louder the better so no need the music button? Haha