Sunday, 9 September 2007

Support recycling effort - the Malaysian way

I drove to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia yesterday. But look at the date on my highway toll coupon.

8 AUGUST 2007??!! It was the date exactly 1 month before yesterday.

I was a little worried initially when I saw the date, wondering if I could get into trouble when I exit the highway. But if this was what I was given, so be it. I reckoned that it was either the officer stamping dates on the coupon totally lived in the past or the toll tickets were just being recycled. Highly possible as I noticed that the toll coupon was not invalidated when it was collected back at the highway exit.

Not a bad "initiative" to support the recycling effort . So lame!


*sheep said...

sweat... they might as well not stamp the year and reuse it year on year. lol

Ling said...

If they can use an August ticket in September, I'm sure they won't mind using it in year 2070! That is provided the tickets can survive through that many hands.