Saturday, 22 September 2007

Where's the rainbow at Rainbow Bridge? (Day 5)

This is by far the most tiring travelling experience that I had. Everyday, it's work, sightseeing, dinner entertainment and blogging.

I'm dead tired today since I work up at 4.45am this morning to visit Tsukiji. Tsukiji was great as there were so many fascinating things to see. But the climax of the day has to be stunning Rainbow Bridge!

It was an unexpected arrangement as our colleagues knew that I wanted to see the Rainbow Bridge and hence made dinner reservation at an extremely posh Italian Restaurant with a full view of the bridge. How posh is the restaurant? It is one where the prices are not available on the guest's copy of the menu (i.e. only the host gets a copy of the menu with price listed on it). And of course, "Still or Sparking?"

Please click to see large view... promise you it's worth a click

I am extremely touched by the hospitality of my Japanese colleagues. So many of them came together and made all my wishes come true. It may seem like many small and convenient acts but they meant a lot to me.

The whole time that I was at Rainbow Bridge I was exclaiming "Oh my god, it's so beautiful!" I am still high with excitment at this moment, mostly also because tomorrow I will be going to see Mt Fuji!

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