Monday, 17 September 2007

Tokyo here I come!

My last post before I head for the modern metroplitan city of Tokyo, Japan in the morning.

This will be my first business trip with the company, well actually I am going there only for training. So to me, it's more like a short vacation and I'm really looking forward to seeing Bukit Fuji (Singlish!). What's more, I'm travelling on SQ... Gosh, has it been that long that I've flown with a luxurious airline like this? Most of the time when I travel for leisure, I will choose a cheaper airline, even if that meant having to travel for 24 hours (to reach St Petersburg). I have to qualify my statement though, there is one airline that I'll never fly with, China Airline!

From what I can recall, I've never been so ill-prepared for any trip. As a matter of fact, I have only started packing my bag at midnight. Frantic! You should have seen how I scrambled and walked all over the house, collecting stuff to fill up my bag.

Anyway, I am finally done (or almost).... My luggage, neat and compact.

Thank goodness it's only a 7 days trip, I won't have to sit on my luggage to get it closed.

Also, take a peep at my other travel essentials. They include:

(1) My travel journal. Ever since I started blogging, I realised how important it is to write down details of what happened every now and then. Not only it is fun to share with friends all the interesting daily events but I'm sure I will enjoy reading my immature writings many years down the road.

(2) MP3 players. Without them I will die. I'm bringing 2 players (out of the 3 I own), one for video and the other portable one will be accompanying me to Mt Fuji. These players are so important to me that I will not have second thoughts about leaving my laptop behind if I am only allowed to choose from one of the two to bring to Tokyo.

(3) Books. I read a lot more when I travel. When you have no family to talk to, no doggie to cuddle in the evenings, and I'm expecting TV programmes to be all in Japanese, I think these books will come in handy.

Since I'm already halfway done with Sophie's World, I could jolly well finish it on the 7-hour flight. Hence, 2 books for this trip.

(4) Bao Ji Wan... my lifeline! Be it Russia, Turkey or New Zealand, these pills accompanied me wherever I go. Indigestion has been a life long problem for me and these pills do wonders for such ailment. Like I always say, if everyone consume as much of these pills as I do, the manufacturer would have been at least 3 times richer than what they already are today.

I'm excited about this trip (although packing at the last hour doesn't seem to indicate so) because it is what I consider a prelude to my "Tour de la Monde". I've never really travelled alone and this time I will be visiting Mt Fuji and Tokyo city all by myself. Armed with only the above essentials, minimal planning and no map at all, sounds like I have got a lot of work to do before the weekend approaches. Wish me luck! And I hope I can update with new posts after I reach Tokyo!

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