Saturday, 22 September 2007

Mt Fuji disappeared in front of my eyes

Been so excited all week because I would be visiting Mt Fuji in this trip. Today is the day and the weather was bright and sunny in the morning. I was really happy as I thought on a clear day like this, I should be able to get a fantastic shot of Mt Fuji.

The traffic was heavy because it is a long weekend in Japan starting today and many people were travelling to places for short vacation. Our tour bus was caught in the jam and as the schedule was slightly delayed, we did not get to the Mt Fuji 5th station and had to settled with the 2nd station only. Unfortunately, it was unusually cloudy and hazy that not only was the peak of Mt Fuji not visible, the entire mountain almost disappeared in front of my eyes at one moment. The view was so lousy that I am embarrassed to even post the photos which I took at the 2nd station! So disappointing!

Where's the summit?

Mt Fuji almost disappeared

You must have seen many great photos of the holy Mt Fuji so for a change, here are some bad ones. Honestly, I could go to any hill side and take a photo like this and claim that it is Mt Fuji.... who will know, if this is how Mt Fuji can look sometimes.

It took me as much effort to produce these bad photos as what I would need if I had produced some good shots. I think I did well, though the weather ruined everthing. Until next time, I'm not going to tell people that I have been to Mt Fuji (and see no Mt Fuji).

When all else failed, it is time to buy some postcards.

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