Friday, 14 September 2007

Swan Lake on Ice

A quick post before I go to bed.

I watched Swan Lake on Ice this evening, performed by The Imperial Ice Stars from Russia. Simply brilliant!

The props were elaborate, costumes were fabulous and the peformers/ice-skaters were just great! They glided, they spinned, they jumped, all with such grace and precision. Stunning really! If you think of figure skating competitions, you will recall seeing some contestants tripped or fell. But none of these happened during the 2.5 hours' performance, the skating was just perfect! It is no wonder the performers have to practise 9 hours a day for 6 days a week. And so the Chinese saying goes 台上三分钟,台下十年功(tai shang san fen zhong, tai xia shi nian gong), which means to perform 3 minutes on stage, one has to practise for 10 years behind the stage.

Oh and of course, Tchaikovsky's music was most enjoyable. There were also lots of humour throughout the performance, for instance the cast throwing ice flakes at the audience, pointing a bow at them during the hunting scene, as if wanting to fire a shot and at the finale, soliciting for applause and cheers... just like what Mayday do during their rock concerts hahaha....

So if I am to give a rating, it is definitely a must watch! Quick go get your tickets, they will be performing up till Sunday, plenty of good seats still available.

As a bonus, here's a lovely picture of the city view from Esplanade. The title is "My Concrete Jungle".


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*sheep said...

Yep Raffles Place at night is beautiful. Used to love walking down the Singapore River from City Hall all the way to Raffles Place.