Thursday, 20 September 2007

Japanese "Point and Speak Phrasebook" Singlish version

My new Japanese friend insisted on giving me a book today. She say I'll need it to communciate with the Japs when I go to Mt Fuji on Saturday.

It's embarrassing how our Singlish has gained so much limelight internationally. Malu lah!

I'm completely amused by the words in this page. Oh yes, the book also has explanations of Kopi-O, Teh-O Kosong!


SSR said...

Chope book from you for next month ok!

*sheep said...

Urm... is the book useful anot? I don't see how $7.80 is gonna help Ring find her way in the mountains. *lost*

Ling said...

Hello sheep, "Chee Ko Pek" is not $7.80 lah... it means 好色 ok! Took me so long to understand you hahahaha