Saturday, 22 September 2007

Hakone - Gondola ride and Hot Spring (Day 6) - Updated

After a disappointing visit to Mt Fuji, I continued my journey to Hakone (where is that? Er... somewhere near Mt Fuji, or so).

(1) Hakone Sky Gondola

The gondola or double wired cable car offers breath taking view of the Hakone Mountains. On a clear weather day, Mt Fuji would be visible from the gondola. However, it will not be today.

Two wired gondola

The gondola

See steam coming out from the mountains? This is the hot spring area of Owakudani.

(2) Owakudani Valley (Valley of Hell) - Hot Spring

View of mountains of Owakudani

At altitude of 1,044 metres

The gondola ride took me to the hot spring of Owakudani. It was repeatly told by the tour guide that the hot spring could cook an egg and tourists can buy eggs to try "cooking" at the site. Sorry I don't do things like this, so no further comments about this other than I heard it takes 10 mins to cook. You can also get hard boiled eggs cooked at the hot spring at the souvenir shops nearby.

It's a boiling pool in Valley of hell!

* Updates *
It is not right of me to leave open comments like "I don't know where is it" in my blog. Ok let me tell you a little bit more about Hakone.

Hakone is situated 90km west of Tokyo, and on a clear day, you can get a magnificent view of Mt Fuji from there. Hakone is a volcanic area and the earliest volcano activity dated back to 400,000 years ago. Today, the volcano is dormant.

The Owakudani Valley (Valley of Hell) is created by previous volcano eruption. Because of the hot spring resources underground, you can see the hill slope steaming with white vapour. The valley smell foul of sulphur and the spring water has certain level of sulphur in it. That is why eggs turned black when you cook them in this water. However, it is also said that sulphur consumed this way (through the eggs cooked in sulphur water) is beneficial to health. I think there might be some truth to this... remember 硫磺鸭in大长今? Same theory.


*sheep said...

Boss! Never go do hot spring? Oh dear, it's good for the complexion u noe...

Ling said...

If you smell the sulphur and see how eggs turned black when cooked in this spring water you will not be interested in a bath anymore.

*sheep said...

Urm... I happened to dip myself in the hot spring in taiwan amidst the sulphur smell boss!

Trust me, it's worth it! Never slept better in my lifetime.