Monday, 17 September 2007

Greetings from Tokyo (Day 1)

A 7 hour flight sent me to Tokyo, Japan today.

Here I am in Tokyo sipping green tea in my room and at the same time trying to share with you all the that has happened throughout my journey today. Nothing exciting really, not even the fact that our flight was slightly delayed such that we missed the last bus at Narita airport to the hotel, was anywhere close to what I regard as unexpected.

So this meant finding alternative ways to get to the hotel, which we have decided on a bus-cum-taxi combi. Ok, sounds easy.

As I left the airport terminal and stepped outside, what came into my sight at first are things that I am rather familiar with. The orderliness of things, the cleanliness of the surrounding, the heat in the air... instanteneously, it felt like home.

On the expressway which the coach bus travelled, I can't help but further noticed how similar Tokyo is to home. Japanese-make cars dominated the roads, tall street lamps evenly spaced out along the expressway, even the colour of the sky seemed the same as what I usually see at home. I could easily have mistaken that I am driving from Tuas on AYE.

The one thing that continuously made my heart dropped is the speed at whcih the barrier lifts up at the toll gantry. My gosh, it's lightning fast (probably takes less than 1 second) and the coach bus never had to stop (cos it's auto deduction I think). For a moment I thought the bus will crashed into the gantry! In where I come from, this usually needs 3 seconds. Also, other automation such as escalator and luggage belts are also running at higher speed than in most other countries in the world.

Is this efficiency or life threatening? I find it hard to believe that Japan has an ageing population when the pace of life and speed of service equipment seem so unfit for the elderly.

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