Saturday, 15 September 2007

Swedish humour? Not digestible to all

A series of comics like the one below was published in the Swedish newspaper last month. It was so controversial (maybe I should say offensive) that it received protests from many muslim nations. Muhammad on a dog's body. OMG, how dare the artist (Lars Vilks)!

In Islam, dogs are regarded as impure and it is believed that the Islamic God had ordered for all dogs to be killed (particularly black ones cos they are like Satan. But isn't Satan red?). The reason for this, no one could tell for sure, but there is a myth that Allah's messenger did not manage to meet an angel one night because a dog was present (angel did not dare to enter the room). Maybe that's why dogs need to be killed, so that this obstacle can be removed.

A Muslim will never touch a dog, especially on the wet parts such as the nose and mouth area. It is taught in Islam that anything touched by a dog needs to be cleaned with water for 7 times. I have heard that locally, when our Muslim friends got in contact with a dog, they will have to wash themselves with rain water (Huh? rainwater cleanse impurities?????). It is no wonder that the Muslim children and adults alike, avoid dogs like plague.

I have nothing against Muslim or the Islamic teachings, but an order to kill all dogs... for reasons of respecting another's religion, I shall hold back my comments. But I'm sorry to say that it is an absurd and selfish thinking, even if that comes from lord almighty himself. Hey, hey... didn't I just say I will hold my peace?

Ok, I shall say a prayer now, "Please send message to the above that this furry creature is harmless. Angels, please do not fear this dog, he doesn't bite."

I am definitely going to get punished for this!

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