Friday, 2 May 2008

Before I am gone... eve of eve of eve of Asia World Tour

I've activated the "out of office" message, charged my laptop and packed the documents I need. All set to embark on the "Asia World Tour".

I consider this pretty much a hardship tour, 4 cities in 2 weeks, that's not easy at all. But it may be even harder to keep my feet at home, at this time when summer has just arrived.

My boss wondered if I will miss home, and asked if I have ever been away for so long. Never on business for this long (though 2 weeks is not very long) as I recalled. Maybe this time the rebel's heart will mellow (haha, sure or not??)... I will tell you when I am home.

Sometimes I think you'd rather I be gone, then I can bring to you beautiful scenery and extraordinary experience. That's why we love watching travel channel, don't we? The higher the mountain he climbs, the further into the poles he travels, the more hysterical we become.

People compare life to a journey. The only difference between life and travel is that in life, you often stop only because of obstacles. But when travelling, you stop to savour the many wonders of this beautiful world. Why not make life a little happier? Open up your eyes, your ears and your senses. Smell a flower along your way to work; make faces at the cat who lingers around your block; tell a star your wishes and truly believe that they will come true... Can you do these? I guarantee they will bring you more smiles. With some imagination and a little few more pit stops, life can be a perfect vacation too.

You think I'm dreaming again.

Next stop: Hong Kong

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